What to Look for When Finding a Roofing Contractor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This year, violent storms have been a serious issue in Milwaukee. And as usual with storms, it’s your roof that will take the brunt of the damage.

If your roof is still feeling the impact of a storm, you should call a roofing contractor right away. The longer you delay the repairs, the longer your roof will be open to the elements, increasing the risk of structural damage.

Not sure what to look for when hiring roofing services in Milwaukee? If so, here are five key factors that will make your roofing decision easier!

Contractor Type

Contractors come in two types: independent contractors and roofing companies. For small jobs like minor repairs, an independent contractor may work best. They’ll be your only point of contact, simplifying the process.

For projects like roof replacements, always go with a roofing company. They’ll likely offer better deals, faster turnaround times, and a warranty. The only downside is that you’ll speak to different people at different project stages.

Insurance and Affiliations

In Wisconsin, roofers don’t need a license to operate. That said, they should still have workers comp and liability insurance. That’s the best way to protect your home and everyone involved in the project if there’s an accident.

You should also look into your contractor’s manufacturer affiliations. Most roofers prefer some brands of shingles, so they’ll buy them in large volumes. As such, they may offer you an extended warranty from the manufacturer.

Project Timeline

Regardless of how long your project will take, you’ll want to know what to expect. Before hiring a roofing contractor, have them draw up a project timeline. Go through key milestones and estimated completion dates.

Keep in mind that roof repairs often involve unplanned emergencies. Many seemingly minor repairs can uncover hidden roof damage. Ask your roofer about their procedure for handling unplanned repairs.

Past Work and References

All professional roofers will have several ways of proving their reputation. Check out everything they have on their site, from pictures of past work to Google reviews. You can also check if they’re accredited by BBB.

Another thing you should do is ask your roofer for at least three references. This will make it easier to get a sense of their processes. Ask the customers if they’re satisfied with the work and if there were any project delays.

Estimated Costs

Once you narrow down your search to three or four roofers, get their quotes. Make sure you get everything in writing to avoid hidden costs. Prices may change slightly later, but it’s important to get a ballpark figure.

Finally, as important as estimates are, don’t rely solely on them. Take into account factors like working style, availability, types of roof services, and so on. Also, keep in mind that you usually get what you pay for.

Hire a Roofing Contractor Today!

Hiring roofing services can be a big investment, so try to get it right on the first try. Do your research, look beyond the price, and ensure your roofer is a good fit for your project. The above tips are a good start!

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