Proper Roof Repair for Winter in the Northern States

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, Americas northern states number among the coldest and most hard-hit by challenging winter weather conditions.

While this poses a risk for people, homeowners must also take certain precautions to protect their homes. Your roof is one of the parts of your home most likely to bear the full brunt of harsh winter conditions.

If you dont look after it, youll need roof repair sooner rather than later. As part of your winter preparation, you need to know what proper roof repair in frosty climes looks like.

Read on to learn more.

Check Your Roof and Attic Insulation and Ventilation

When it comes to roof maintenance must-dos, you cant go past adequate ventilation. This is particularly important for roofs made of asphalt shingles and homes older than a few decades.

Thankfully, homes in the USs northern states are typically far better insulated than those in the south because the climate is prone to harsh winters. However, the same cant be said for every house. If youre unsure about your level of insulation or ventilation, its time to bring in the professionals.

Why? Because a warm roof is a leading cause of melting snow and ice. And this results in damaging ice dams and leaks.

Assess Your Roof for Leaks

Another essential aspect of roof care is checking your roof for leaks. First, look at the roof from the outside: are there missing shingles, or is the flashing wearing out? Then, head inside and check your walls and ceilings for signs of water infiltration.

If you see signs, call a roofing repair company and ask them to complete an inspection.

Clean Your Roof and Gutters

Checking and remedying the condition of your roof and gutters is one of the few roofing repairs you can tackle on your own. But only if you do it early and often.

No matter what your roof is made of, its prone to collecting debris, mold, and algae. This is especially true if trees overhang your property, resulting in dropped leaves, more moisture, and shade, in which mold and algae thrive.

You can use an EPA-approved roof cleaner and specially designed-roof cleaning equipment to clean your roof. Check that your downspouts direct water away from your walls and foundations and youve installed leaf guards in your gutters (once youve cleaned them out, of course).

Call the professionals if youre not confident getting up there or your roof is filthy. Its not worth the risk to your safety.

Protect Your Residential Roof With a Water and Ice Shield

Almost all northern American homes have a standard water and ice shield. But homeowners know this needs to be replaced every so often.

Call a roofing company and ask them to come and assess your shield material. Theyll determine if a repair or replacement is necessary.

Schedule Winter Roof Repair Before Its Too Late

One of the best ways to avoid shelling out for a major roof repair, such as roof replacement, is to keep on top of the minor fixes. This could be everything from regularly cleaning your roof and gutters to installing a water and ice shield.

And dont forget to schedule a yearly or bi-yearly inspection with your local roofing company.

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